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Brewdog Elvis Juice

Grapefruit infused IPA
6,5 %
60 IBU
Original gravity
Glass bottle 0,33 l
aluminum can 0,33l
Key Keg 30l

BrewDog Elvis Juice. An IPA with Grapefruit front and centre

This is an IPA like no other. BrewDog Elvis Juice puts grapefruit centre stage. Primed with tart pithy grapefruit peel for a citrus assault on the senses. This zest zenith delivers intense US hop aromas. Gigantic grapefruit notes are tail-gated by orange and pine. All piled high on a caramel malt base. This rig is juiced up and ready to roll.

BrewDog Elvis Juice - The absolute King in a world of wannabes.

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