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Erdinger Weissbier


Original gravity
Glass bottle 0,45 l
Can 0,45l

The “HARP” beer is a synonym of Ireland – the hoppy character and refinement in taste. Even the name of the brand goes back to the harp of the Irish King Brian Boraimhe. Together with a leaf of the clover it is one of the symbols of Ireland. Of course, fans of imported beer pay attention to the logo of the lyre which is almost indistinguishable from Guinness. And they will be right – it was Guinness that developed the HARP recipe in 1960. “HARP” was the answer of Irish brewers to the wave of European lagers popularity. Ireland, that is historically known for its ales, was overwhelmed with lagers after the war. To create their own lager in the European style Guinness invited famous German master-brewer Hermann Münder. One of their breweries in Dundalk was reequipped for the production of lagers. Irish lager in the European style turned out distinctive and bright: sparkling light golden color, soft taste, malt aroma. The German hops from the region of Hallertau gives it a light and refreshing bitterness. Now the Irish No. 1 lager in addition to its historical homeland is brewed in in the Manchester brewery Hydes, the UK. As well it is produced in Canada at the productionfacilities of the local brewing giant Labatt's. On the Russian market “HARP” has been represented for more than 10 years, the brand is one of the sales leaders in the HoReCa segment. Thanks to the launch of its production at the Moscow Brewing Company in 2017, “HARP” became the first licensed Irish lager on the domestic market.

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