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Lapin Kulta
Bear Beer

Lapin Kulta

13 IBU
Original gravity
Can 0,45l

Lapin Kulta is an international brand of lager beer, made in Finland – a country of rough climate, yet of untouched and glorious nature. Though the recipe used in Lapin Kulta is more than 140 years old, it is still kept unchanged and authentic today, just the way it was when the beer was first brewed 1873. For many decades Lapin Kulta has taken up leading positions on its home market and today it is the most famous Finnish beer brand in the world. Lapin Kulta is the #1 exported beer brand from Finland, which has found success in more than 30 countries of the world, with an emphasis on the countries of the Baltic region. This low-fermentation lager beer has a smooth taste, a light hops aroma and a beautiful amber color. Lapin Kulta is a full malt beer that has always been made with carefully selected ingredients, containing no unmalted additives and no preservatives. This is an easy-drinking beer with wonderful refreshment qualities. Lapin Kulta has shown stable high results in professional beer tastings (according to the Research Insight Finland Agency).

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