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Квас И.И. Обломов
Nestlé Pure Life газированная


Can 0,33l
Plastic bottle 1l
Plastic bottle 2l
Plastic bottle 0,5l

IRN-BRU - №1 drink in Scotland. It firmly holds a place in the people’s hearts and is also known as the "National Scotland Drink." In 1889 he was launched by BARRS IRON-BREW, containing a 32 ingredient, including iron in its composition. The Grocer magazine recognized IRN-BRU as the most popular online FMCG brand in the UK. The secret part of IRN-BRU is known only three people in the world: the heirs of the creator Robin and Julie Barr, and one of the board members. As well as in Russia, IRN-BRU is sold in many markets, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. In Russia it produced under license A.G. Barr.

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