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Daura Damm

Limburgse Witte

Original gravity
возвратный кег 20л
одноразовый ПЭТ-кег 20л

Limburgse Witte Beer was launched on 4 June 1993 by NV Duo-Brouw, a partnership of two family breweries in Limburg: Sint-Jozef in Opitter and Martens in Bocholt. Limburgse Witte Beer is an unfiltered high-fermentation beer that is brewed according to a slow brewing procedure. No additional yeast is added afterwards, the final product that is poured into barrels or bottles has already attained its best possible taste thanks to the original brewing yeast. Of course brewery use wheat in the brewing of Limburgse Witte Beer, but also several natural herbs and no chemical flavorings or preservatives. The development, brewing and bottling process of Limburgse Witte Beer Awarded the Silver Medal for Quality in 1997. Produced in Brouwerij Sint Jozef Bree, Belgium.

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