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Herkenrode Vesper
Bernard Sváteční Ležák
Celebration lager


Belgian ale
Original gravity
Glass bottle 0,75 l
Glass bottle 0,33 l

Duvel Moortgat brewery was founded by Jan-Leonard Moortgat in 1871 as a small local brewery. Today, fourth generation Moortgat continues this brewing heritage with a professional, transparent and long term vision. Duvel is one of the world’s most individual and distinguished brews. It is a strong blond specialty beer with high fermentation, bottle refermented, and cellar aged for 2 months. This is a fairly strong beer, with a full fruity taste and very fragrant, hoppy flavor. It should be consumed chilled to 6 ° C. Duvel beer is famous for its proprietary supply — it is slowly poured into a tulip glass, which forms a small “tornado” under the white foam.

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