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Bernard Černý Ležák
Dark lager

Bernard Jantarový Ležák

Amber lager
29 IBU
Original gravity
Glass bottle 0,5l

The core principle of Bernard beer brands is based on the use of traditional techniques during all phases of beer production. As the traditional technology of making beer requires, Bernard Beer is held for several weeks at a temperature of 1-2°C. The product preserves its original brewing aroma, distinctive beer taste, all of its nutritious and health values due to a unique procedure — microfiltration — instead of pasteurization. The addition of unique yeast culture causes the second beer fermentation in the bottles. As a result, Bernard beer is a rich source of B-group vitamins, natural microelements and biocatalysts giving us vitality and positive emotions. In its effort to honor the taste of its quality-oriented clientele, the Family Bernard brewery is determined not to degrade its product by pasteurization, contrary to common practice in the trade. Therefore, it produces a strictly natural and live product. Bernard Jantarový Ležák is a pungent lager with a fine yeast culture. It is an unpasteurized beer with its bitterness in harmony with a fine caramel aroma and tasty fullness.

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