Our Mission is to quench Russian consumers’ thirst for the best quality beer and non-alcoholic beverages


Премьера марки Max&Jack’s, которая состоялась благодаря внедрению на производстве уникальной технологии для производства напитков нового поколения FMB (flavored malt beverages — ароматизированные солодовые напитки)
Mosbrew побеждает
«Мотор» завоевал золото на EUROPEAN BEER STAR 2021 в номинации German-Style Heller Doppelbock.
«Хамовники Венское» стало лучшим в мире венским лагером на WORLD BEER AWARDS 2021
Пиво «Хамовники Пильзенское» стало обладателем Grand Gold в категории «German-Style Pilsener»
Новинка от марки Хамовники — «Хамовники Мед и Пряности»
Старт производства пива Bavaria


Production start of Zhiguli Barnoe Non-pasteurized
Zhiguli Barnoe Non-alcoholic is awarded a gold prize in “Non-alcoholic lager” nomination
The main beverage of the Moscow Marathon
Zhiguli Barnoe Non-alcoholic
Moscow Brewing Company established a partnership with Gogol-center
The interior of the Mosbrew branded space is awarded a Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication Design 2020 in “Retail Design” nomination


Warehouse capacity is increased up to 58000 pallet positions
The whole range of Zhiguli Barnoe changed its design identity
Gorilla signed a contract with Khabib Nurmagomedov
Production start of Zhiguli IPA and Zhiguli Barone Pshenichnoe


Launch of a new line with capacity of 90 thousand cans per hour
Production start of beer MOTOR
Production start of stout with nitro widget Ballantine


Launch of Trehgornoe Manufakturnyj Ale
Launch of division for special beer brands
1st filling of Irish lager HARP


Production start of Finnish beer brand Lapin Kulta
1st filling of Zhiguli Barnoye Nonalcoholic beer


Production start of a Scottish beverage IRN-BRU
Trehgornoe beer awarded Silver Medal at the Monde Selection
Zhiguli Barnoye wins ABSOLUTE BRAND 2015 award
Launch of Hamovniki Angliyskiy Ale, Hamovniki Irlandskiy Stout, Hamovniki Bock Beer
1st filling Beliy Ale Mohnaty Shmel beer
Production start of a bottle conditioning beer 5 Ocean
Launch of 1st seasonal beer Trehgornoe Rozhdestvenky Ale


Hamovniki Pilzenskoye awarded Gold Medal at the DLG, Germany
Zhiguli Barnoye awarded Silver Medal at the DLG, Germany
Hamovniki Pilzenskoye and Hamovniki Pshenitchnoe awarded Gold Medals at the Monde Selection
Hamovniki Myunkhenskoye, Hamovniki Stolovoye and Zhiguli Barnoye Barkhatnoye awarded Bronze Medals at the International Beer Challenge
Launch of Trehgornoe beer
Production start of beer Ale Mohnaty Shmel
License production of Hollandia beer


Launch of eco-friendly beer brand Losinyj Bereg
First production of Kvas Yakhont
Zhiguli Barnoye awarded a Silver Medal, Hamovniki Pilzenskoye and Hamovniki Myunkhenskoye awarded Bronze Medal at the International Beer Challenge 2013 in London
Hamovniki brand receives a Bronze Medal at the worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design Pentawards
Zhiguli Barnoye awarded Silver Medal at the tasting competition DLG, Germany


Launch of logistics center
Launch of own premium beer brand Hamovniki
Nestle Pure Life water local production launch
Release of 1 litre Zhiguli Barnoye special edition cans in pin-up style with art by artist Valery Barykin
Zhiguli Barnoye awarded Gold Medal at tasting contest Monde Selection 2012
Moscow Brewery Company wins "The Company of Year — 2012" in the category "High Quality of Production"


Production start of Japanese beer brand Kirin Ichiban
Launch of the 2nd phase of brewing production with scheduled capacity of 4 million hectoliters of beer per year
4 mn hectoliters
Zhiguli Barnoye receives a Gold Medal at the European Beer Star Contest
Moscow Brewery Company wins "The Company of Year — 2012" in the category "High Quality of Production"


Production start of Austrian juice brand Pago
Production start of GORILLA energy drink
Creation of the Non-alcoholic Beverages Division
Production launch of a Danish brand Bear Beer
Zhiguli Barnoye wins EFFIE®/THE BEST BRAND award


Production start of a German energy drink effect®
Production start of Danish beer FAXE Premium
Production start of own brand Zhiguli Barnoye


Building completion and launch of the 1st phase of the brewing plant with scheduled capacity of 2.4 million hectoliters of beer per year
Start of license production of German beer OeTTINGER


Creation of the Import Beverages Division as a part of MBC
Inclusion into the import beer and beverages brand portfolio includes brands Pago juices, beer brands Budweiser Budvar, Erdinger Weissbier, Clausthaler, Harp and others


Establishment of Moscow Brewing Company. Construction of the brewing plant begins in Mytischi, Moscow region