The brewery is equipped with equipment from the world’s leading producers, such as KHS AG, Ziemann Ludwigsburg GmbH
Our own artesian wells
Depth of aquifers – 80, 190 and 320 meters
The brewhouse is equipped with a heat recuperation system allowing to reduce emissions of steam by using it in wort heating
Air cleaning system
The system condenses remaining steam from the brewhouse and separates moisture. After that - filtration and plasma cleaning. The result is the absence of smell from wort and hops outside the brewery
Filtration room
Along with kieselguhr filters, modern membrane filters are used at the brewery, which allows to minimize the amount of waste during the beer filtration
Fermentation room
In the fermentation room a CO2 recuperation system is installed. This allows us to refuse from purchasing of CO2 for non-alcoholic drinks aeration from outside organizations
Filling department
14 filling lines: glass bottle, can, PET bottle and keg. The most fast filling line’s productivity is 90 000 cans per hour
The total area of the wearhouse is 15 000 square metres
Treatment facilities
The result of the treatment plant‘s work is not only pure water left from brewery but also electricity providing 10% of the company‘s needs
The company is located in an ecologically clean area, which has been known for it’s famous and delicious water
1 / 5
23 ha
plant area
own artesian wells
240 000
people visited our brewery with brew tours
8 000 000 hl
plant capacity per year
The fastest filling line works at speed of 90,000 cans per hour

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