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Arizona Green Tea
Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

Arizona Blueberry White Tea

Plastic bottle 0,5l

This refreshing white tea with a sophisticated aroma of ripe forest blueberries is sweetened with aromatic honey. It has a rich taste with a pleasant sourness, contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E. The tea perfectly quenches thirst and gives vivacity for the whole day.

Arizona is the most popular iced tea in America with no preservatives or colorants. This is the 100% natural product!

Arizona drink is a unique development of the American company Vultaggio & Sons, which opened its history back in 1972. These soft and refreshing cold drinks with notes of different tastes (fruits, berries, herbs and honey) win the hearts of consumers not only in America but also in Europe. Thanks to its unusual taste, the tea has a refreshing effect and perfectly quenches thirst – it is a real antioxidant! The drink has a natural composition, contains less sugar and has fewer calories, which making the product healthier.

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