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Mini Bar Spritz
Слабоалкогольный коктейль
Max&Jack’s Raspberry-Peach
Hard lemonade

Max&Jack’s Cherry-Almond

Hard lemonade
стеклянная бутылка 0,4л

Cherry is irresistible in combination with almonds. Deep and sensual aroma of juicy ripe berries with pronounced notes of almonds and complex velvety-tart aftertaste of cherry stone. Rich and bright lemonade with character.

Max&Jack’s is a new generation of beverages in the FMB segment (flavored malt beverages), made on the basis of beer, created for modern people who appreciate freedom of expression and sincerity.

Max&Jack's is a hard lemonade-style drink (alcoholic lemonade). With the addition of natural fruit and berry juices.

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