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Schlitz Weizen
Schlitz Dunkel


16 IBU
Original gravity
Кег 20л
банка 0,43л
пластиковая бутылка 1,25л

The history of Schlitz beer goes back centuries. The original Schlitz recipe was passed down by the Schlitz family from generation to generation. In 1849 Joseph Schlitz, a German brewer, crossed the Atlantic and reached North America, where he founded his own brewery - the Joseph Schlitz Brewery.

Today Schlitz is brewed in Germany, paying a tribute to the historical roots of the brand. Schlitz helles beer is brewed in one of the oldest breweries in Germany, using high-quality ingredients - malts, hops and the purest water, in strict adherence to the German Purity Law of 1516 (1516 Reinheitsgebot).

Schlitz beer is carefully monitored during all stages of the brewing process – from wort brewing, fermentation at low temperatures, long maturation in lager cellars and, finally, filtration and bottling.

Just as it was brewed centuries ago by skilled Schlitz Family brewmasters, again today we take great pride in the brewing of a German legend.

You can now enjoy real German beer quality with an authentic imported Schlitz beer!

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