COVID-2019. Responsibility and Support

Dear partners!

We believe it’s important to tell you about measures taken by Moscow Brewing Company with regard to worldwide outbreak of COVID-19.

We stand on principles of responsibility to employees, partners, customers and consumers. We place paramount importance on safety and commitments made.

A committee has been set up to respond to rapidly changing situations and to provide broad range of activities preventing spread of the virus. We also take into account all recommendations available and best practices of companies around the world.

The following measures were taken:

Protection of Staff

We have moved as many employees as possible to remote working. To that end, we have provided with all necessary tools for fully-fledge online working. We have implemented measures to minimize personal contacts and risks of infection of employees at the production site and in the logistic centers. Automation of many processes has significantly reduced the number of employees directly working at the premises. Additional measures have been introduced to disinfect premises as well as corporate fleet. We have created conditions for personal hygiene and special means to control it. In view of this situation we have had to suspend brewery tours, business trips, visits of any kind and business meetings. However, all business communications are continued through the Internet.

Those, who continue to work directly at the premises undergo daily temperature monitoring, use personal protective equipment and sanitizers. Employees on business trips were immediately placed in a two-week quarantine. Medical room at the site is open 24 hours. In eating facilities at the site was introduced so called “Social Distancing”.

Food Safety

Our brewery has a modern technological laboratory that constantly provides quality control and monitoring safety of products. Our production has an ISO22000 food safety certificate based on HACCP, which guarantees the safety of our products regardless of the situation.

COVID-19 represents a new challenge for society and business around the world.

The response is to consolidate efforts, support each other, and to have responsibilities toward each other.

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