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Hamovniki Venskoe
Trekhgornoe Non-alcoholic
Non-alcoholic lager
Ale Mokhnaty Shmel
Amber Ale

Hamovniki Venskoe

Vienna lager
Original gravity
Can 0,45l
Glass bottle 0,47 l

Hamovniki trademark was crea ted as the continuation of the history of one of Moscow’s oldest breweries. The Hamovniki factory was built about 150 years ago with the participation of invited Czech masters and reached its peak at the end of the 19th — beginning of the 20th centuries, when it received official status as the supplier of His Imperial Majesty’s Court with the right to display the Emperor’s coat of arms on the label. In 1882, the factory’s products were noted at the All-Russian industrial and artistic exhibition in Moscow. Moscow Brewing Company produces several types of beer under the Hamovniki trademark. Hamovniki Venskoe is brewed using special malts traditional for Vienna-style lager: light malt, Vienna malt, Cara Red (red) malt and caramel. Only noble aroma German hop is used for production: Sapphire and Tettnanger, which gives a tender flower aroma and soft bitter taste to the beer (this never can be achieved when bitter hop is used).

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